Self Promotion is so annoying!

The internet is great and all, but sadly, too many people can go load up WordPress, start a blog, and call himself a writer, or fire up their iMac, record their inane ramblings, and call herself a musician.

There’s no gatekeepers to distribution anymore, and while that can be a good thing, it has horrible unintended consequences, in that the masses that are consuming this drivel are idiots who don’t know how to pronounce “vice versa“. People are idiots, and “success” is defined as anything that appeals to those idiots. The folly of self-promotion is the idea that we need to appeal to mentality of those idiots.


  1. Gale

    Yes. Agree wholeheartedly, Tom.
    There’s a de-valuing going on in every corner. I like what you said, ‘no gatekeepers’.

  2. Anwar

    The poll was 12 people. I wouldn’t call that a useful poll… I would like to believe however that quality work will rise up and the crap fall away, but we all know that is sadly not how the world works. But yes, I can see your point, there is too much noise often now that everyone has a mouthpiece and there are no set standards or filters anymore.

    So wait are you like a writer, musician, security professional, etc now too?