Tom and Sarah were married on August 27, 1999.

On Sunday, March 30, 2008 they said some more vows and completed the process of membership for All Saints Presbyterian Church. (During the brief ceremony, Pastor Strawbridge informed the congregation that snake handling was no longer part of the membership requirements.)

They live in an old arts and crafts style home where cherubs dance on their radiators, doors magically slide out of walls, and a stained glass window on the landing has warranted the rule “don’t throw toys down the steps!”

Also living in the house are their progeny: two princesses and their three body guards, all born after the year 2001. All but the youngest are expert plastic swordsmen. They look forward to being read to from the Chronicles of Narnia each night before bed.

Both Tom and Sarah are both firstborn of their respective families. Tom has a piece of paper that says he knows a thing or two about computers, and carries a Mensa card in his wallet. He is blind to overflowing trashcans. Sarah thinks she can write, enjoys selling things on eBay, and can’t make a good pot of coffee no matter how hard she tries.

They still don’t know what causes children, but have a hunch it has to do with rare steak and delicious homemade beer.

Neither can imagine life without the other.

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